Short-term furniture rental.
Good for our planet’s long-term health.

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As the first-ever furniture subscription service of its kind in Thailand, Spruce is pioneering a more simpler, more sustainable approach to furniture — one that’s better for this planet we call home.

Over 7 months, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) measured over 2,738 tons of bulky waste generation in Bangkok. 42% of this was discarded furniture — the largest portion by far.1

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93% of Thai consumers are interested in the importance of sustainable living, but this isn’t reflected in the state of Thailand’s landfills.2

Enter Spruce

A furniture subscription program that is accessible, flexible, convenient and sustainable.

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Our aim is to simplify sustainable living, without sacrificing style.

Sustainability is built into the Spruce business model. Our subscription service makes luxury design more democratic, deliberate and accessible, as high-quality pieces are used, refurbished and used again.

In renting furniture pieces for a low monthly fee, Spruce customers become part of our circular economy. Together, we’re extending the lifespan of furniture by countless years, lowering CO₂ emissions and reducing the furniture industry’s carbon footprint.

Re-using² large sectional sofas can save 1.5 tons of CO₂ emissions. That’s the amount produced by 4,000 miles of average car driving.³

Our Commitments